Congratulations to Dr. Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at USC and his venture, L-Nutra Inc., a premier nutri-technology company leading longevity science nutrition programs, on the closure of a $47M Series D funding. The round was led by a personal investment from Stephane Bancel, CEO at Moderna Inc., alongside Brentwood Associates, a Los Angeles based middle market investment firm. Founded in 2009 at USC, L-Nutra was exclusively licensed by the Stevens Center for Innovation in 2012. In partnership with 18 global university research centers, L-Nutra has developed the first Nutrition for Longevity pipeline, ProLon® aimed at enhancing healthy aging via cellular rejuvenation and improving metabolic health; and Nutrition as Medicine pipeline called L-Nutra Health aimed at enhancing patients’ chances of remission from diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. Read more about their Series D funding and recent partnership with Lindora.