Zoom meeting with 2 peopleThe Stevens Center provides a complimentary one-hour legal consultation with a qualified corporate or intellectual property attorney. This service is available to all USC innovators (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) and USC-related startup companies.

 Possible topics you can discuss with an attorney include, but are not limited to:

  • IP ownership
  • Trademark and Copyright applications
  • Patent searches and provisional/non-provisional patent applications
  • Patent processing
  • Patent protection
  • Drafting articles of incorporation
  • Drafting bylaws for Corporations (for profit and nonprofit)
  • Contract drafting and contract review
  • Creating Limited Liability Companies and Corporations
  • Reviewing business plans

Attorneys are available by appointment only on the second Wednesday of every month (Intellectual Property Law) and the third Tuesday of every month (Corporate Law). Appointments take place by phone or Zoom in the afternoon.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake form must be completed and submitted to legalofficehours@stevens.usc.edu.