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Flintbox is a searchable database of technologies developed by researchers at USC. Over the past decade, USC inventors have been issued nearly 800 patents for their discoveries.

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Reasons to Engage with USC Stevens

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Thriving Research Enterprise in a Vibrant Innovation Ecosystem

USC is one of the world’s leading private research universities with more than $909 million in annual research expenditures in 2019. The university is ideally situated in the heart of a diverse, vibrant, innovative region.

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Solution Oriented, Win-Win Approach

We bring an innovative mindset to deepening and strengthening our relationships with industry partners and take a solution-oriented, win-win approach to our interactions.

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Experienced, Insightful Team of Technology Licensing Pros

Our senior management team has extensive experience in both the private sector and academic/research institutions. They lead a talented team with broad expertise across a number of disciplines.

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Featured Technologies

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Can measuring air pollutants help us combat COVID-19?

Just last year, this sampler was used to better understand the spread of COVID-19, an unexpected but logical adaption, Sioutas said. “COVID-19 is nothing more than an aerosol,” he said. “We can look at it the same way as all other particulate air pollutants.”

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