In honor of Brain Cancer Awareness Month, USC Stevens Center for Innovation is proud to announce that we have executed an exclusive global IP licensing agreement with NeOnc Technologies for an enhanced method of delivering novel pharma therapeutics to the brain. This USC licensing agreement is notably considered the largest IP transfer for the commercialization of chemotherapies related to the brain and other CNS diseases. 

NeOnc Technologies Holdings, Inc., is a privately held biotechnology company that focuses on creating novel drugs and delivery methods for pharma-based therapeutics that target brain and central-nervous system (CNS) diseases. The Phase One clinical trials were completed in April 2019 and used the company’s first therapeutic, NEO100™ . Several proprietary chemotherapy agents are developing as a result, and are demonstrating positive effects in laboratory tests that are done on various types of cancers. The company’s extensive research and development efforts have led to the company assembling an extensive portfolio of patented intellectual property around these proprietary chemotherapy agents. 

Neonc’s CEO, Dr. Thomas Chen, MD, Ph.D., has led this biotechnology breakthrough and overseen over two decades of advanced research and development. Dr. Chen also serves as a professor and director of Surgical Neuro-Oncology at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, and is currently leading the initiation of Phase II clinical trials of NEO100™, which is one of the several proprietary agents included in the licensing agreement. 

According to Dr. Chen, “This historic licensing agreement formalizes and further expands upon an extraordinarily productive partnership with USC that has spanned well over a decade and has helped advance promising new treatments for malignant gliomas.” As mentioned, the IP licensing transaction was facilitated by USC Stevens Center for Innovation. Interim Executive Director, Dr. Steven Moldin, shares that “USC is proud of its long and esteemed history of supporting innovation that translates new ideas into tangible positive societal impact.” Dr. Moldin also states that “In further partnership with NeOnc, [USC Stevens Center] hope[s] to bring the benefits of Dr. Chen’s breakthrough research on treating the most challenging of cancers out of the lab and into the hands of physicians where it can have a meaningful impact on people’s health and quality of life.” 

To read more about this exclusive licensing agreement, click here.

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