Winners of the USC Stevens Student Innovator Showcase 2014









The USC Stevens Student Innovator Showcase took place on November 14th as part of the 2014 Trojan Family Weekend, and displayed some of USC’s most savvy and ambitious student entrepreneurs. Student teams selected for the Showcase demonstrated USC’s success at creating scholarship with consequence by coming up with creative, viable solutions for societal needs, driven by their desire to change the world around them.

Over 50 teams applied, with 14 selected to participate in the Showcase, and 8 teams moving to the final Fast Pitch round based on judge’s scores and feedback. The esteemed panel of judges was comprised of entrepreneurial experts with deep industry experience, including one of the co-founders of Pandora. USC Stevens is proud to have been a part of Trojan Family Weekend programming, with over 2,000 registrants walking the campus during the 3-day event.





Winners of the 2014 USC Stevens Student Innovator Showcase were:

$7,000 Most Innovative
Funded by USC Stevens Center for Innovation and the Diem Shotwell Metcalfe Family Fund at the USC Marshall School of Business

  • Stasis Labs
    Provides low cost, high quality health monitors to deliver modern healthcare to developing countries.

$7,000 Best Business Concept
Funded by the Diem Shotwell Metcalfe Family Fund at the USC Marshall School of Business

  • The Steel Glass
    A line of unbreakable glassware that potentially saves service businesses such as restaurants thousands of dollars per year in broken glassware.

$2,500 Most Potentially Disruptive
Funded the USC Marshall Center for Global Innovation 

  • Octokit
    An implantable medical device that treats pelvic organ relapse, a condition affecting many women.

$2,500 Venture Validation
Funded by The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC Marshall

  • Movn
    Smartphone based digital therapy to enable home-based cardiac rehabilitation.

$1,200 Trojan Family Choice Award
Funded by USC Stevens Center for Innovation and the Diem Shotwell Metcalfe Family Fund at the USC Marshall School of Business, with a special gift by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp

  • Stasis Labs
    A favorite of the Showcase, Stasis Labs was also voted most popular by attendees of Trojan Family Weekend.

In addition to the cash awards, every student participating in the Student Innovator Showcase received a Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp Small Business Starter Kit valued at $599 per kit, about $20,000 in total.

The other 10 participating teams were also an excellent representation of USC student innovators:

Bread & Butter
Icharus Solar
Red Flag
Track Health

Thank you to the students and teams that participated, and to the generous sponsors for making this event a success. Special recognition goes to the panel of judges:

Jennifer Dyer, Executive Director of USC Stevens
Bob Metcalfe, Professor of Innovation at the University of Texas at Austin
Jon Kraft, CEO of Thrively and Co-Founder of Pandora
Lance Eliot, Entrepreneur and Consultant
Brain Kleinhofer, Director of Project Management and DataWorks at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

USC Stevens looks forward to next year’s showcase.