SeqOnce Biosciences Launches new ProntoSeq! Rapid DNA Library Preparation Kits

SeqOnce Biosciences, Inc. recently announced the launch of its new ProntoSeq!™ DNA Library preparation kits for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample preparation.

The new ProntoSeq!™ kits are based upon the company’s proprietary kit chemistry which is the fastest product on the market.  ProntoSeq!™ can prepare samples for sequencing in 40 minutes (with PCR) and 20 minutes PCR free. Input ranges as low as 500 pg, with lower amounts in R&D. Dr. Joseph Dunham developed the technology while at the University of Southern California, and has subsequently optimized it this past year. SeqOnce’s founders worked with the USC Stevens Center for Innovation to obtain a license for development of the USC technology within their company. “We are proud to hear about this latest success by SeqOnce Biosciences,” said Michael Arciero, J.D., Director of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures, USC Stevens Center for Innovation. “SeqOnce Biosciences is a great example of how innovative research, venture capital, and dedicated entrepreneurs can come together to provide market relevant solutions.”

Chris Angermayer, CEO of SeqOnce commented, “The new ProntoSeq!™ DNA Library Preparation Kit is a major enhancement to its predecessor DNA-seq kit that was released for beta testing in 2016.  The kit has a drastically reduced preparation time streamlining the entire NGS workflow going forward.”

Dr. Joseph Dunham, Chief Science Officer, and developer of the technology stated, “We are excited about the release of the new ProntoSeq!™ DNA Library Preparation Kits. This enhances our product portfolio and gives users a new choice; allowing 40-minute preparation, reducing time to results, and increases throughput. The technology is applied to fragmented DNA from any sample source. It generates a temporary structure that creates sequence specific single stranded overhangs for ligation of sequencing adaptors. The temporary structure is degraded throughout the protocol steps, it is not compatible for sequencing, and is not sequenced.”

About SeqOnce Biosciences, Inc.
SeqOnce Biosciences is a new life science company developing innovative products for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) that address critical needs in the academic and clinical markets.

Additional technologies for NGS applications are currently in various stages of research and development including RNA, targeted, and synthetic long read library construction.  The company is completing a bridge round of financing and will be seeking Series A funding in the summer of 2017.

–Source: SeqOnce Biosciences, Inc. Published May 26, 2017.