Disclose Your Invention Online

Inventors may disclose their inventions online using Sophia, a web-based software that enables the tracking of your disclosures and related patents and agreements. It allows inventors to login to the system and submit disclosures, request Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Data Agreements, and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs). You can log back on to view current information about your inventions and agreements.

Why use Sophia?

Sophia’s Inventor Portal is designed to make it easier for us to partner with you. You can access Sophia from any device with a browser including your phone, tablet, and computer, which means at any time you can:

  • Submit a disclosure within 15 minutes
  • Request MTAs, Data Agreements, and CDAs
  • Electronically sign-off on your submissions
  • View the status of your disclosures and agreements in a customizable Home Page
  • Login using your USCNetID – no additional passwords to remember

Access Sophia here (Latest browser version required. Firefox is recommended.)