Important Notices for Inventors

Bayh-Dole Invention Obligations for Federally Funded Projects (September 2018)
This memorandum from the USC Office of Research discusses the importance of reporting inventions in sufficient time to permit the filing of patent applications prior to U.S. or foreign statutory bars. Disclosure to USC Stevens of funded inventions should be made at least 75 days prior to any public publication or presentation so that USC can fulfill its obligation to notify government sponsors.

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Distribution of USC Software (May 2018)
This memorandum provides guidance to USC software developers — including faculty, staff, and students — on considerations for how to distribute USC-owned software. Such decisions can affect research collaborations, satisfaction of sponsor requirements, and the ability to patent inventions and software commercialization.

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USC Students and Postdoctoral Scholars (January 2018)
This memorandum on USC intellectual property summarizes the opportunities available to students and postdoctoral scholars for commercialization, along with rights and responsibilities.

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Operational Procedure: Release of Patent Rights to Inventors (November 2017)
This memorandum applies to the release of patent rights to USC inventors so that they may commercialize their invention independently of the university. When allowed under law, this procedures applies when, after assessment and review, USC determines that release of the patent rights is preferred to USC commercialization.

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