New Associate Director, Corporate Collaborations Joins USC Stevens Team

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mina Zion, J.D. as Associate Director, Corporate Collaborations. This appointment supports the USC Stevens Center for Innovation’s mission to maximize the translation of USC research into products for public benefit through licenses, collaborations, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Zion starts January 3, 2017 and will be focused on the Life Sciences industry sector. Lawrence Lau, MBA, will continue to support the Physical and Informational Sciences sectors as Associate Director, Corporate Collaborations, Physical Sciences.  Strategic partnerships with industry in all academic sectors will continue to be led by Vasiliki Anest, Ph.D., Senior Director, Corporate Collaborations.

The Corporate Collaborations group at USC Stevens supports faculty in the development of corporate sponsored research relationships in all disciplines, to expand the portfolio of funded research at USC and expedite the transfer of university-generated intellectual property through industry relationships. The group offers a streamlined process that is flexible to account for the different types of engagement and types of relationships with industry.

The Corporate Collaborations group has initiated and executed master research agreements where a single sponsor intends to fund multiple research projects at USC over a long period of time for specific purposes. Current strategic relationships with industry include: Amgen, Northrop Grumman, Fluidigm, Trovagene, Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and Emulate. For single sponsored research agreements, the Corporate Collaborations group also provides advisory services to USC faculty and to the Department of Contracts and Grants on drafting Statements of Work to ensure the research plan will translate appropriately into the contract.

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation looks forward to supporting USC research through the following:

  • Coordinating and supporting timely interactions between company and academic partners
  • Learning about industry problems that could offer potential applications for faculty research
  • Identifying and aligning mutual shared interests and formulating flexible collaboration models to achieve shared outcomes
  • Translating complex contract terms and conditions into strategic and operational elements for both USC faculty and our industry partners
  • Expediting negotiation of corporate contract terms (e.g., intellectual property, statements of work, publication rights, etc.)
  • Pursuing strategic opportunities that evolve throughout the relationship

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is committed to serving USC faculty through both Licensing of Intellectual Property and establishing Corporate Collaborations.  The USC Stevens team plays a critical role in elevating USC’s level of industry engagement and helping to maximize the impact of USC’s research.

–by USC Stevens Center for Innovation staff, published January 3, 2017