Guidance on How to Distribute USC-Owned Software

Software codeThe USC Stevens Center for Innovation recently issued guidance to USC software developers — including faculty, staff, and students — on considerations for how to distribute USC-owned software.

Such decisions can affect research collaborations, satisfaction of sponsor requirements, ability to patent inventions, and software commercialization (thus affecting potential for future royalties or other income for developers or inventors).

Key takeaways from the guidance memorandum include:

  • When USC authors wish to share software with fellow researchers or developers, the preferred approach is through an academic/non-profit use license, utilizing the copyright language in section II.c of the memorandum
  • If an open source license is needed, the Berkeley Software Distribution 3-clause license is preferred
  • Contact the USC Stevens Center for Innovation for guidance on the best pathway for software distribution and to resolve any authorship, ownership or proper attribution questions.

View the guidance memorandum for details, as well as the accompanying exhibits.

For further questions, please emailĀ Rakesh Pandit of theĀ USC Stevens Center for Innovation.