Corporate Collaboration Benefits

Navigating the vast USC environment.

With 17 professional schools and over 40,000 students and 23,000 faculty and staff, finding the right people and research areas relevant to your company’s needs can be quite challenging. Our team is here for you as your central point of contact and coordination to quickly navigate the vast USC environment and harness the right USC resources for you to achieve your company’s strategic goals.


Strategy Alignment/Mutual Benefits Analysis

We understand that there are important differences in culture between academia and industry. While industry desires to identify new sources for innovation and increase competitive advantage to grow shareholder value, the mission at USC is to enable faculty/students to learn and advance their knowledge and widely share this knowledge through various mechanisms, such as publications and teaching. We are here to find the right balance between the two cultures by identifying shared interests and formulating the appropriate partnering strategy for success.


Collaboration Management

We offer a streamlined collaboration process to maximize agreement speed and ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. The process is not a one size fits all but built with flexibility to account for differences between types of technologies and their stage of development. This process enables our team to:

  • Facilitate and support timely interactions between company and academic partners.
  • Translate complex contract terms and conditions into strategic and operational elements for both faculty and our industry partners.
  • Create governance methods to establish clear roles and responsibilities, drive accountability, and work through key blockers to drive successful collaborations.
  • Identify and pursue strategic opportunities that evolve throughout the relationship.
  • Improve the efficiency and help ensure that our academic faculty are free to devote adequate time and energies to overseeing research activities.