Innovation Internship Job Description

There are two internship tracks:

  • Technology Commercialization
  • Corporate Collaborations


Technology Commercialization:

  • Review invention disclosures and related information submitted by USC inventors
  • Assess development of technology since initial disclosure (technology assessment)
  • Perform market research to understand the competitive environment (Internet searches, industry publications, calling organizations)
  • Evaluate potential market opportunities of each technology and their value proposition in given market
  • Write non‐confidential disclosure summaries (NCDs) for marketing purposes
  • Identify potential commercialization/licensing partners and business contacts relevant to each technology
  • Contact identified partners to market technology
  • Record and report contact and marketing information on spreadsheet and/or database
  • Assist in the preparation of Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) and other agreements relevant to the cases
  • Assist in the evaluation of license terms by researching comparable transactions
  • May participate in business calls and meetings resulting from marketing efforts
  • Report on progress and meet with mentors and supervisor on regular basis
  • Present results of projects to a larger audience as necessary


Corporate Collaborations:

  • Research and document
    • Identify USC research capabilities according to schools and specific industry sectors in life sciences, physical sciences, and computer and digital health
    • Identify industry trends and technological needs and map USC research capabilities to industry opportunities in any specific industry sector
    • Collect contact information of relevant individuals in companies for USC Stevens
  • Draft non-confidential summaries of USC research capabilities
  • Assist in the planning, scheduling, and execution of meetings with USC faculty and industry prospects
  • Database entry
  • Weekly reports