Our Partners

At USC, we believe in a culture of partnership and collaboration. Together with our partners, we strive to bring together the right people and resources to accelerate the translation of basic research into tangible products and services. We have learned that the right people, transparent processes, and flexible collaboration models are the key to success.

Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation


USC is a participant in CTI, an innovative Pfizer program that partners with leading academic medical centers nationwide to accelerate the translation of novel targets to the clinic. CTI’s goal is to identify new compounds and accelerate research and drug development from validated target to proof-of-mechanism in the clinic.

What CTI looks for:

  • Targets that are tractable with biologics and small-molecule inhibitors
  • Strong link from targeted pathway to disease
  • Opportunity to address unmet medical need
  • Differentiators such as:
    • Ability to elucidate path to proof-of-mechanism in humans
    • Clinical differentiation opportunity via patient stratification, molecular signatures, genetic associations, and biomarkers

Advantages to collaborating with CTI:

  • Collaborative use of Pfizer’s proprietary antibody drug discovery tools and technologies, as well as Pfizer’s proprietary compound library, which contains structures with a proven track record in producing drug candidates
  • Close collaboration with teams of Pfizer biologists and chemists
  • Broad publishing rights
  • Support for IND-and clinical-enabling functions, including toxicology and regulatory
  • Opportunity to translate promising research from discovery to clinic
  • Significant financial awards in the form of milestone and royalty payments for successful programs

Here’s more information about Pfizer-CTI

For more information, please contact Vasiliki Anest at anest@usc.edu or 213.821.0946.

University Industry Demonstration Partnership

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USC is a member of the University Industry Demonstration Partnership(UIDP) and believes in its recommended contract accords to expedite contracting with industry.